About us

Our Inspiration

Morgan Hartman may not fully realize it, but she is the spark for so many amazing things benefitting individuals like her with special needs. It all started during a family vacation when she thought it would be fun to splash and play with other kids in the hotel swimming pool. But much to Morgan’s dismay, they took their beach ball and vanished. Observing the painful look on Morgan’s face, her parents, Gordon and Maggie Hartman, resolved then and there to create a fun, colorful, barrier-free environment where those with and without special needs could come together to have fun and better understand each other. In 2010, Morgan’s Wonderland became the world’s first Ultra-Accessible™, fully-inclusive theme park. Morgan’s boundless love and ability to soar above her physical and cognitive disabilities were the true inspiration for Morgan’s Wonderland. The park’s overwhelming success and Morgan’s ongoing positive influence have led to the creation of many additional opportunities for inclusion, such as Morgan’s Inspiration Island splash park, Morgan’s Sports complex, and Morgan’s Multi-Assistance Center (MAC). All of these unique ventures comprise Morgan’s, a nonprofit organization that coordinates planning, fundraising, and communication for the entire Morgan’s Wonderland “family.” It is Morgan’s and the entire Morgan’s Wonderland Family’s sincere hope that inclusion continues to grow at Morgan’s Camp…a 102-acre paradise of play…a nurturing place of learning about nature …an inspirational outpost for all seasons and all people!

The Visionary

Native San Antonian Gordon Hartman is a philanthropist and former homebuilder who at the age of 15 started his own landscaping business while attending a local seminary. By age 19, he had saved enough to begin his homebuilding business, and by age 23, he had started a land development company. Founded in 1983, Gordon Hartman Homes built housing for low- to moderate-income families. Over the next 22 years, Gordon grew his company into the largest locally-owned homebuilding and land-development enterprise in San Antonio. In recognition of his success in business, he has earned membership in both the San Antonio Business Hall of Fame and the Texas Business Hall of Fame. Gordon was also inducted into the San Antonio Sports Hall of Fame in 2018 for bringing professional soccer to San Antonio and, in so doing, generating financial support for the special-needs community.

In 2005, Gordon sold his companies and established the Gordon Hartman Family Foundation so he and his wife, Maggie, could pursue their dream of helping children and adults with special needs. Their devotion to this cause is inspired by their now 29-year-old daughter, Morgan, who was born with cognitive and physical special needs.

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