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Morgan’s Camp’s mission of inclusion doesn’t stop with our campers, but includes our equine herd.
The majority of our herd comes from a local rescue in Floresville, TX. Some of our horses have tragic pasts, injuries, or events that required them to need a helping hand. Remedy Ranch Rescue and MC partnered together to bring safe horses with eclectic stories to connect campers and horses on different levels.

Below you will find additional information about each horse and their storied pasts. All of the horses in our herd deserve and require the exceptional care that they receive at MC. Providing this exceptional care for the horses that give so much to our campers requires funding to support our memory-making ventures. The funds provided to Sponsor-A-Horse help cover the cost of feed, medical care, grooming, and much more!

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Meet Gypsy!

Gypsy is a 2002 rocky mountain horse. She had an amazing trail career before she was surrendered to a rescue due to a change in circumstances. Gypsy had EPM (equine protozoal myeloencephalitis) a disease that affects the central nervous system. She was treated and successfully recovered earning her a spot at MWC due to her amazingly sweet and loving nature. We often call Gyspy our fortune teller, bobbing her head yes or no when asking her questions. (Take her answers as serious as you take the magic 8 ball)

Meet Vinny!

Vinny is a bay standardbred born in 2000. Vinny had a non-remarkable harness racing stint in which he found himself being used as a buggy horse before ending up at an auction house. Vinny was rescued, rehabilitated, and then entered the therapeutic riding program at Morgan’s Wonderland Camp. He is also the boss man in the herd but has a soft spot for Berta. Vinny is patient and understanding with all riders allowing them to feel at ease with him.

Meet Berta!

Berta is a dark bay standardbred born in 1997. Berta had a short harness racing career before she joined an Amish family. She worked as a buggy horse for many years until she was sent to a rescue, where she was retrained. Berta is our oldest herd member, but you wouldn’t know it! She acts like she isn’t a day over 15. She is sweet, hardworking, and loves to be with her herd mate, Vinny.

Meet King!

King is a bay standardbred born in 2006. King had a successful career in harness racing before becoming a buggy horse. He then retired from his pavement-hitting life and came to the rescue. He has a large, loveable personality and is a hard worker. He got a summer fill-in spot at Morgan’s Wonderland Camp where he captured the hearts of the staff and campers. He quickly became a crowned jewel and joined the herd permanently.

Meet Della!

Della is a roan quarter horse born in 2005. Della had a short rodeo career when she sustained knee injuries. Because she wasn’t given the proper time to heal, she developed arthritis. This ended her career as a rodeo star, and she was sent to auction, where a wonderful family rescued her. They eventually surrendered her to the rescue to ensure she would get the proper love and care she deserved.  Her very sweet and willing nature made her a perfect candidate to assist young riders at camp. She receives daily care to help with her arthritis and time off as needed.

Meet Miss G!

Miss G is a bay Standardbred born in 2001.  She never raced and lived with a family who took very good care of her. When the family was unable to care for her anymore, she was put in auction.  The owner sent Miss G with a note, stating she had many foals and was an excellent mother.  That maternal instinct is evident with Morgan’s Wonderland Camp herd, a perfect addition to our amazing equine therapists.

Meet Fetty!

Fetty is a sorrel grade horse born in 2019. Fetty is the youngest member of our herd and has one of the most heartbreaking yet inspiring stories to tell. He was born with a congenital ocular abnormality that left him blind in one eye.  He was horribly neglected and spent his entire life chained up to a porch. Despite the abuse, Fetty has the most forgiving and loving nature. He was rehabilitated at the rescue and fits right in at Morgan’s Wonderland Camp, where he inspires campers to overcome any obstacles they face!

Meet Squash!

Squash is a bay quarter horse born in 2014.  The name may be cute, but the reason for it is not.  When Squash was presented to the rescue, he had what looked like a twisted neck.  After looking at Xrays, they determinded Squash was likely stepped on as a baby and healed so rapidly his neck fused with a crooked neck (i.e. crooked neck squash). The veterinarian cleared Squash for riding at Morgan’s Wonderland Camp, and ever since his personality has blossomed. He is one of the sweetest, most personable horses at camp, and proves to all our campers, it’s okay to look different.

Meet fonzie!

Aaaay, you can’t get any cooler than Fonzie! He is a black 4-year-old mini, standing 31 inches. He came to the rescue very underweight, but with some of the craziest hair. Fonzie proved to have a heart of gold and a deep desire to please. His short stature and pleasant personality make him the perfect ambassador. He offers comfort to individuals who are intimidated and frightened by the larger horses. We all think the Fonze is really cool.

Meet Tilly!

Tilly is a beautiful sorrel 2001 Belgian draft that spent many years with the Amish pulling cart and riding. When Tilly began to slow down to age and suffered an eye injury leaving her blind in one eye, she was sent to auction where she was intersected by an amazing family. That family knew that Tilly was an exceptional horse with her sweet and patient spirit, and she had the capacity to help more people. The family found out about the partnership that Remedy Ranch Rescue has with Morgan’s Camp and knew that she needed to join our program. Now Tilly is doing what she does best, showing love with patience to our campers.

Meet Winter!

Winter is a stunning grey 2002 draft cross that made her way to camp through our partnership with Remedy Ranch Rescue. She came in due to a severe chest injury her previous family could not tend to. It took many months of healing in an amazing foster home, who loved her for a few years. Sadly, she needed to find a new home where she could show her immense patience and love. Winter shines by allowing campers to use her as a blank canvas to express themselves during our painting a horses programing. This has allowed many campers to grow and heal as they learn to create their own symbol and meaning.  

Meet Money Man!

Money Man is a bay standardbred born in 2004. He really lived up to his name winning over 750,000 dollars as a harness racing horse. When he was no longer able to race, he was put up for auction. The purchaser wanted Money Man to enjoy the rest of his days in a safe, loving place, so he was placed with the rescue. He is missing quite a few front teeth, so his tongue is often hanging out, and that gives him a goofy grin. That grin is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. His personality makes him a perfect match for Morgan’s Wonderland camp.

Meet Shark!

Shark is a roan standardbred born in 2005. Shark had a harness racing career when he was younger, but his career was cut short when he developed laryngeal hemiplegia. It is a disease that affects the upper airway and causes exercise intolerance.  Horses with this disease are usually called “roarers” because of the sound they make while exercising. Not Shark, we call him a “snorer” because it sounds like he is snoring – even when he is awake!  Shark has an amazing nature and excels in our therapeutic program.

Meet Tiny!

Tiny is a Belgian draft horse born in 2005. Tiny had a long-standing career at the Fort Worth Stockyards before retiring to the Morgan’s Wonderland Camp herd. He still gets to reminisce about his carriage days offering rides in our completely wheelchair-accessible wagon. Tiny’s name is an oxymoron, to say the least! He is not only our largest herd member but the biggest teddy bear. Tiny’s large stature and gentle soul offer campers the highest view from horseback while still making them feel at peace.

Meet Corella!

Corella is a black and white tobiano pony born in 2017. Corella had an amazing family that was unable to care for her and wanted to ensure she had a great future. A perfect fit for Morgan’s Wonderland Camp because she helps our campers gain confidence when the bigger horses might be a tad scary. Corella has a sweet and sassy personality like most ponies but is all business when it comes time to take care of campers.

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