Overnight Accommodations

At Morgan’s Camp, we put careful thought into the design and layout of our super cozy cabins. They are built for people of all abilities to stay in style. From granite countertops to temperature-controlled cabins, we have it all. Whether you stay in one of our 10 large cabins (Bexar) or 10 small cabins (Alamo), you will enjoy the comfort of central air conditioning and can stay connected with free guest WIFI. While we do provide meals for campers, you have the option to bring your own snacks! Your cabin comes with a full-sized refrigerator and freezer with an ice maker and water dispenser. If you need to do laundry while at Camp, no worries. Your cabin also has a full-sized front-loading washer and dryer. Each cabin is also equipped with a single bathtub for individuals who prefer bathing to a shower. They say everything is bigger in Texas, and that’s certainly true at Morgan’s Camp, where our bunks are twin extra-large beds, with additional headroom for the bottom bunker to sit up. The bottom bunks are also lower to the ground to make it easy for individuals who use wheelchairs to get into and out of bed. Each bunk has its electrical plug, a storage cubby, and microban flooring throughout the cabin, so it’s easy to sanitize. Each cabin has a front porch prime for relaxing and taking in the night air.

Bexar Cabin

The larger Bexar cabins have two separate sleeping areas, one on each side of the common area.  The common area has a living room for socializing, complete with a couch, dining table, and chairs.  There are 8 bunk beds in each sleeping area, which can sleep 16 campers, for a total of 32 campers in the large cabins. Both sleeping areas have their own bath facility, including 3 shower stalls, a bathtub, and 3 toilet stalls.

Bexar Cabin wide
large cabin kitchenette
Washer and dryer
Cabin living room
Bunk beds
Bunk Beds
Bathroom stalls
Bathroom sinks wide (2)
small cabin inside private bunk room (1)
accessible shower (1)

Alamo Cabin

Should you have a smaller group, you may want to stay in one of our Alamo Cabins.  The Alamo Cabins have one sleeping area with 8 bunk beds, for a total of 16 campers.  The Alamo Cabins also come with a small private room that can sleep 1 to 3 people. Like the Bexar Cabins, these smaller ones have 3 shower stalls with built-in shower chairs, a bathtub, and 3 toilet stalls.